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Gaenovium – Genealogie und Technologie Konferenz am 07. Oktober 2014 in Leiden, Niederlande. Im Rahmen unseres Besuch der Famillement (siehe Blogbeitrag: CompGen besucht Famillement (Niederlande)) können wir die Möglichkeit nutzen und vor einem technologisch ausgerichtetem Publikum über unser Genealogisches Ortsverzeichnis (GOV) nochmals ausführlich zu berichten.

Die Konferenz Gaenovoium wird in diesem Jahr das erste Mal veranstaltet und von Bob Coret und Tamura Jones organisiert. Sie richtet sich an ein Publikum, was sich mit Technologie und Genealogie beschäftigt und möchte den Austausch ermöglichen.

Leiden, 24 July 2014

Introducing Gaenovium, the Genealogy Technology Conference
new genealogy-technology conference is different in every important way.

Quick Summary
New conference is not big & overwhelming, but small & intimate. Independent organisation. Not national, but international. Not in the USA, but in Europe. Not for genealogy technology users, but the technology creators. Conference fee includes all-attendee dinner.

Genealogy without technology has become unthinkable. Nowadays, every genealogy conference has presentations that use or mention technology used by genealogists, but until now, even the most technology-oriented genealogy conferences were squarely aimed at the users of that technology.

Gaenovium is a new kind of genealogy-related conference conceived and created by genealogy technologists Bob Coret & Tamura Jones, and it’s different in every important way.

Gaenovium isn’t a big overwhelming conference, but a small and intimate one. Gaenovium does not take place in the USA, but in Europe, the continent where modern genealogy has its roots.

Gaenovium is not another conference for genealogy technology users, but a new conference for the technology creators. The Gaenovium conference is an event organised exclusively for academics, developers and visionaries at the forefront of genealogy technology.

Gaenovium is an international event, where genealogy technologists from around the world get together. Gaenovium 2014, the inaugural Gaenovium conference, features in-depth geneatechnology presentations by domain experts from Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Gaenovium 2014 takes place in Europe, and is sponsored by two leading genealogy technology companies from two other continents.

Gaenovium does not take place just anywhere in Europe. Gaenovium takes place in Leiden, an ancient Dutch city that is not only rich in history, historical buildings and fascinating museums of international renown, but also known to genealogist world-wide as the city of the Pilgrim Fathers.

Date & Pricing
Gaenovium 2014 takes place on Tuesday 7 October 2014. The modest registration fee of € 45 includes coffee, lunch and a closing dinner with all speakers and attendees.

Sign up
The venue for Gaenovium 2014 is a historic building, and attendance is limited to the capacity of the main room. Registering for Gaenovium 2014 is similar to registering for a Beta programme; you sign up to receive an invitation.

Gaenovium 2014 is sponsored by MyHeritage Ltd and RootsMagic Inc.

RootsMagic CEO Bruce Buzbee is enthusiastic: “This brand new conference is an exciting initiative that we’re proud to support as a sponsor.”.


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